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Many pupils particularly love this part of the project! Once students discover their ability to translate words into images, reading becomes even more interesting.

Mental images help learners to better organize and store information and build connections within a text and across other subjects.


In the art classes, pupils are introduced to visualization exercises and diverse art techniques such as the colour wheel, perspective and working with paint – preparing pupils for the inspiring SCHOOL MURAL project. 


The mural assignment starts in the English lesson. Selected passages from the biblical text that is being read are studied and analyzed with the teacher. In groups or individually, pupils then draw or paint the text as they have visualized it. Reflections are written, explaining aesthetic choices and commenting on group dynamics and time management.

The best design is chosen for the school mural and an art team is formed.


Painting a large mural on a school wall is an unforgettable experience for the young artists and the school as a whole.


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