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The teacher training is the core of THE BOOK IN SCHOOL - it ensures a multiplier effect with sustainability. A well-trained teacher can change the lives of many young learners in a positive way for a lifetime.

Teachers are introduced to innovative teaching methods and can instantly apply newly acquired knowledge and skills in class (linking theory to practice). The approach to the teacher training is communicative and hands-on.


In diverse workshops and coaching sessions, teachers are trained in:

• Reading techniques and methods to make READING ALOUD both effective and fun

• Introductory lessons with the necessary background information on the selected work

• Interdisciplinary teaching methods applied to the selected work and exemplified in teaching units (geography, history, social studies, religious education)

• Literary analysis applied to the selected text

• Theater workshop: dramatized reading, acting and THE SCHOOL Rappin' & Tappin' (a fusion of Rap, Spoken Word and old time Recital)

• Art workshop with training in visualization exercises, basic art skills (colour wheel, perspective, painting techniques) and an introduction to the Mural Project. 





The teacher training gives teachers a chance to get to know the trainers and other teachers. A learning community is built, which supports and nurtures the teachers.


THE BOOK IN SCHOOL strives to cooperate with national and local authorities. We are excited about the accreditation of THE BOOK IN SCHOOL teacher training by the National Teaching Council, Ghana.


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