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The starting point and key to the project’s success is the principle of READING ALOUD. When you read aloud, your whole body is activated: your ears, vocal cords, lungs…


The learning effect is immediate. Teachers report that within a few weeks of reading aloud daily, 90% of the pupils have greatly improved their reading skills, including pupils who have struggled with reading for years.

Teachers also testify of pupils’ overall performance improvement and of a more peaceful and positive atmosphere in the classroom.


Teachers participating in the project consciously focus on reading skills for a period of three months, committing 20 minutes daily to reading. Ten minutes are spent reading aloud. Consistent daily reading aloud results in new habits and raises the general academic level of the students.


A variety of methods are applied in class, group or individual readings, and pupils are playfully drawn in. Fluency and expressiveness are emphasized; without interrupting the flow to correct. During the remaining ten minutes, pupils discuss questions they may have with their teacher. 

The daily reading sessions are based on the selected book of the Bible, which each child receives in the form of a workbook.


Pupils talk about their learning experience two months into the project:

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