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THE BOOK IN SCHOOL helps young learners to engage actively with the written word.


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Using the senses and with interactive learning activities, text comes alive. Connections to pupils' own living situations, and that of others, are made. In doing so, they get to know who they are and what connects us all as humans. 

The project’s unique feature is its use of classical biblical text in the English lessons. Biblical text is a rich source of language and the foundation of English literature. Shakespeare’s works alone contain more than 1500 Bible references! The depth and timelessness of biblical text offer young minds a broad context to discuss ethical and social questions. One complete book of the Bible is read in each project.

THE BOOK IN SCHOOL is primarily a teacher training. Teachers can apply the newly acquired teaching methods directly in class whilst the project runs parallel to the training at their school.  


Pupils analyze and interpret a selected work together in class. The project includes an exciting interschool competition and an impressive art project based on the text read in class. THE BOOK IN SCHOOL is a project in basic schools for pupils ages 9-15. Each project runs at schools for a period of six months.

In 2018/2019 THE BOOK IN SCHOOL's first pilot project took place in Ghana. In 2021/2022, despite Covid 19, as many as 8500 pupils and 140 teachers in three regions successfully participated in the project.


Following this successful pilot phase and an increasing approval of and cooperation with the Ghanaian educational authorities, THE BOOK IN SCHOOL is now ready to take off nation-wide.             


Our vision: 100 000 Ghanaian pupils from 420 schools taking part in the project. For the academic year 2023 we are planning a project with at at least 17000 children and 400 teachers (an increase of100 %!).

Find out more about the teaching methods

Teachers speak about the results and impact of the project (video)


  • up to 90% improvement in reading skills within two months

  • performance progress in related subjects and improved social skills:

  • improved language skills

  • literary analysis

  • increased creativity

  • increased independent and interdisciplinary thinking

  • team building and communication skills

The teaching methods of THE BOOK IN SCHOOL lead to convincing results. Teachers report: 

A teacher from Upper East testifies:


"THE BOOK IN SCHOOL has really helped me as a teacher. I have acquired new teaching methods and new skills: literary analysis,  team building, the positive effect of reading aloud, visualising text, the colour wheel and how to work with paint. Because of the knowledge and skills I acquired, I could help my pupils improve their performance. They improved their reading skills, and thanks to the creative approach, they are able to understand texts much better. And actually enjoy reading texts! The project helps unearth the talents of children, and that gives everyone the feeling that they belong and can contribute in class. The moral orientation that they discover in the biblical texts, has improved the atmosphere in class and in the entire school. They want to forgive each other now. There is more peace and joy."



2000, 6000, 8500 participating pupils!

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Das Projekt Video
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