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Christine Wassmer is an experienced educator and an international guest lecturer of English literature. She is the project leader and teacher trainer of THE BOOK IN SCHOOL.

We want to activate the innate resources in young learners. If pupils know that they are being heard, they blossom and start achieving. It's essential to release creativity in schools. A creative spirit wants to give form and meaning to life. This leads to innovations and loving, productive communities. I enjoy working with biblical text: it has depth, gives orientation, and is the source of explosive creativity.

Field of Action

THE BOOK IN SCHOOL was developed after I held a teacher training of 10 days at a school in Navrongo ( in the very North of Ghana) in 2017. I noticed that the majority (over 50%) of Ghanaian children had great difficulties reading. The linguistic system is highly complex, with 80 mother tongues. Children first need to learn the official language, English, when they start school. The external conditions further impede the learning process. Classrooms are overcrowded with 45 to 90 learners in one class. Without windows, the rooms are excessively hot and loud. Most pupils cannot afford school books. Furthermore, a lack of well-trained teachers results in unprofessional and uncreative teaching. The severe reading difficulties children experience have a negative effect on all other academic achievements. Consequently, self-confidence is lacking and further studies are blocked. The economy suffers: Ghana is faced with 12% youth unemployment and more than 50% underemployment.


THE BOOK IN SCHOOL project meets an urgent need and is in great demand. Having established ourselves in this succesful pilot phase of the project, my vision for THE BOOK IN SCHOOL is 100'000 Ghanaian pupils from 420 school taking part in the project and experiencing a change in their lives!  For 2023 we are planning for at least 17000 children and 400 teacher to take part in the project. We are excited! 


THE BOOK IN SCHOOL teacher trainer has been accredited by the National Teching Council of Ghana.

Also taking part are Presbytarian Schools, which were originally founded by the Basler Mission. It is moving to see how THE BOOK IN SCHOOL is allowed to continue to contribute in its own small way to swissness in Ghana.

Thank you for caring!

Christine Wassmer

THE BOOK IN SCHOOL is a non-profit association. All donations are tax-deductible.



We want to help ensure that children and adolescents receive broad-based education so that they are able to make well-informed, smart choices in life.

We  want to promote analytical, independent and creative thinking - in teachers and pupils.

We want to help provide quality training and education.



Individuality: Be mindful of the individual needs of learners so that talents may be unearthed and developed. 

Independency: Promote independent learning and thinking so that productive and self-supporting communities can be built. 

Compassion: Raise awarenes and show in deeds the significance of compassion as the foundation of a well-functioning society. 

THE BOOK IN SCHOOL is a non-profit association. It is not self-serving. Board members and volunteers do not receive payment for their work. The association guarantuees transparency and accountablitly for its activities and the budget. 



We aim ot improve the living conditions of children, youth and families in Ghana by offering even the poorest access to quality education.


Following a successful pilot phase and with increasing approval of and cooperation with the Ghanaian educational authorities, we are excuted about going nation-wide with the project.


In 2022/2023 we plan:

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